My extracurricular activities consist of: cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Each of these sports means a lot to me! Meeting new people is great, and I have met a lot of people playing sports both at my school and away from my school. I actually met my best friend, Justina during softball season. I have so many memories of each sport that I have participated in.

From my point of view, playing sports keeps people in great shape and out of trouble. Due to my extracurricular and co-curricular activities, my schedule is always tight. I am a full-time busy body; I am always on the move. I tend to flex my time in order to get everything done. Not to mention that I take three dual enrollment classes this semester. While outside of the school and even in school, I volunteer and I receive credit from helping and working with others. The best place I have volunteered at was our local Pre-k school in Carrollton, Alabama. Both the children at the preschool and at my high school admire me.

On my weekends, I always have something to do or a place to go. On some occasions, I miss church to play catch up on all of my work. There are many nights where we get back home late from games and we have school early the following morning. I have to juggle my list of things to do. When I get home late after a game or after an event I prioritize my homework and study over some notes from the previous lesson, If I do not understand a lesson or the material that is given to me I always speak out and ask the teacher to explain more deeply, to learn it easier and faster. I tend to struggle in math because I don’t understand how my new math teacher teaches. That’s okay because youtube has been my best friend this year. I always strive to help my classmates if they don't understand or get confused about something.

I'm definitely a very fun person and very easy going person to be around and, I strive to help others so I want to help others change the way on how they handle things when they’re as busy as I am. First, I would state to them is to get a planner. Write down everything you need to get down. Also, try to get ahead if something pops up you won't fall behind on your schedule. It's not easy to do a lot at once; it's okay to take a break. The only problem that will occur is getting sidetracked; that could put you far behind, but my solution to always ask for help when needed. Asking for help makes my life easier and understandable.

Lacey Latham
GUA Ambassador
Pickens County High School
Class of 2020