Martin Luther King Jr  is my hero because he stood up for something larger than himself. I strive to be like him because in moments where I could be quiet and let something be wrong, I could be the person to stand up and speak up. MLK had an unquestioned purpose he stood for in order to to represent his people. Despite if he was going to become famous or not, he did his work for his people. From his life, I also learn from to live by faith. Through all his trials and tribulations, he kept his faith in God to get through it. Another thing I try to draw from him is the ability to forgive other people. As teenagers we do things that we think are cool but to others that are not. Which can hurt people’s feelings but if we look into the face and forgive them, the world would be so much better.

MLK said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” This quote means a lot to me because the world could be in peace if we learned how to love and respect others. His ability to adapt in different situations is aso an attribute that makes him a hero. When faced with adversity, regular people fold, but the people we remember are the ones who found a way to adapt and still be successful. His “I Have a Dream” speech are words to live by. He taught people that a dream can turn into reality if you work for it. His ability to push through drives me to believe that if I dream it, I can achieve it.  his leadership makes me want to be like him. He knew that what he was scarifying was for the greater good.

I told my mom that when I leave this earth I want people to remember me. She responded asking,  “In a good way or bad? What do you want your legacy to be?” It is MLK’s passion, selflessness, care for others, and vocalization that drives me to be a hero to others.

Josh Williams 
GUA Ambassador 
Goshen High School