My new year’s resolution is to become or to achieve top three again in my class ranking. Due to my math class, I have recently fallen into the top five amongst my classmates. However, even though I am still high ranking, I continue to shoot to be better at a top three spot.

I am sure that I will get my spot back because of all of my dual enrollment classes, that give grades not yet added to my GPA. I am a very determined, athletic student. Everyone that knows me know that I am a go getter, if I want something I work hard to get it by any means. Graduating top three in my class and receiving homecoming and prom queen are my main goals in high school. I have what it takes to achieve all three.

In order to become top three in my class, I must stay focused and study over math more. I am also looking forward into getting into a dual enrollment class. I don’t really understand my new math class. To learn in my math class I must watch YouTube videos on the section we are going over. I play almost every sport here at my school, Pickens County High. Therefore many nights I get back home late from games; sometimes I am too tired to look over my work.

I have the personality to become homecoming queen along with many other aptitudes. I say that because I am very nice to everyone, most people like me or pretend they do, I have awesome grades, I’m very respectful to my peers and my teachers along with my parents. The students and staff know me very well. Prom queen at my school is based on her personality and how you dress. I am sure that I will receive prom queen as well. At my school, we have what you call a spring formal, It’s mainly for 7th-9th graders but 10th graders get to come as well. Every year a girl and a boy gets queen and king! My ninth grade year I won queen and my boy bestfriend won king. The younger grades get to vote and they voted us. That's one reason why I believe I'm very respected in my School.

Overall, reaching top three will be very challenging. I wish I could start over with my math courses, because I know that I could do better. I am a great leader, with strong moral values, and I am a people person.

By Lacey Latham 
GUA Ambassador 
Pickens County High School
Class of 2020