One thing I am excited about in 2019 is prom because ever since I was little I always dreamed about going. This is my first year going to prom. I have waited all of high school for this moment, as, at my school, you have to wait until you are a junior or a senior to attend prom. You can not get invited by a junior or senior if you are a freshman or sophomore.  My school requires the attending student to pay a prom fee of $100.00. This fee helps go towards the DJ, food, decorations and more.

I think I’ll have a very nice time at my first prom. I am going to remember this experience forever.  Since I was a child I had so many ideas about what I was going to wear. I would see my sister and my cousin get dressed up to go and I was actually ready to go then. Prom is a very special occasion because you to show both your inner and outer beauty. I really love prom because you get to wear a beautiful dress, get your hair, makeup, and nails done. Everyone looks so nice.

Last year I was a prom hostess. Therefore I got to see what they did before and during prom. First, all the students walked in and then they danced. Then they announced prom princess and prom prince before they danced again before they ate and received their gifts. Everyone had a very nice time at prom. I would advise every junior or senior to go to prom because you can make so many memories by attending prom. This what I am excited about in 2019.

By Brishada Youngblood
GUA Ambassador
Bullock County High School
Class of 2020