This month I asked our student ambassadors to write about their favorite part of their semester. This is what they had to say!
By Maria Byrd | Southside High School
This semester was different and eventful and yet it was a blessing as well. In my opinion though, every semester is considered the best because it is the start of new beginnings. However, the fall semesters always seem to truly be the best because of the long nights, the fall air that fills my lungs, and the colorful leaves that greet my eyes every morning on the way to school. Just that alone always seems to thrill me the most.
This semester was a start for many exciting changes in my life such as the start of dual enrollment at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and also becoming an 11th grade student at Southside High School. Being at school this semester did seem to bore me at times but my teachers always seemed to change things up to make it more interesting. I learned so much this semester and I even got to do experiments in my chemistry class, which was super awesome.  However, what excited me the most was becoming a GUA ambassador. Challenges have been thrown at me these past three months and I have been put through tests. The tests I’ve encountered this semester gave me an insight of what is expected of me and the responsibilities that I have to fulfill.
As my grandmother says “Life never gets easy and situations are expected, but it is about how you overcome them that really matters.” So, with that mentality stuck to me, work has gotten done and life has gotten easier. Cheers to a new semester in which I hope brings me nothing but more excitement and more great opportunities.  
By Tahliah Wilfong | Bullock County High School
My favorite part of this semester is being a part of the GUA Ambassadors. The coolest thing I've learned is in Anatomy and Physiology. In A&P I learned about the different types of cells and whats inside of them. Like we have red and white blood cells. The cell is the smallest cell that we have and it functions in so many different ways. I also learned how to write the perfect essay and perfect resume. Out of school I learned so many things. I learned about how the sun can affect so many things in the environment. The sun can give you sunburn very bad. The sun can kill many plants and animals if it gets too hot. The sun can drain many lakes. It can also melt things like the paint on cars, houses, and many other things. The coolest field trip I've been on is when I went to the state capital. We walked inside the building and learned so many things about what happens on the inside. Another field trip I went on was to the Whaley center for the festival. I had to teach a group of children about pollution. They did pretty well. They listened well and also they participated in most of the activities we had planned for them.
By Brishada Youngblood | Bucllock County High School 
My favorite part of this semester is my journalism class. Journalism is my favorite part because I can voice my opinion, be creative, and it also improves my writing skills. When I found out that I was a part of journalism class I knew that it would be fun. My first day attending the class was such a thrill. The teacher went off the course syllabus. She told us all the things we would be doing this year. She told us we would be doing newspapers, articles, and YouTube videos.
I can voice my opinion by writing articles on a topic that's interesting to me. Every week students have to write an article, so it could be put in the newspaper. I choose the topic “fashion.” I choose this topic because I can voice my opinion on the latest styles. Every week I talk about something different. Last week I talked about purses and this week I’m talking about fur headbands.
I can be creative in my Journalism class by writing different articles on my favorite topic. For example, I can write about fashion, celebrity news, or worldwide news. Being in this class has given me the opportunity to learn creativity from others. It has also taught me to think outside of the box. During this class, I get to add my own decorations/style to my article.
Journalism improves my writing skills by challenging me to write different types of articles. In journalism it’s a lot of writing. We have to write an article every week. For instance, on our final exam, my teacher gave us a picture of some fighter fighters on top on the house putting out a fire. We had to write an article based on the picture. This assignment was kind of challenging because we had to use a scenario.
In conclusion, Journalism is my favorite part of this semester because I can voice my opinion, be creative and it also improves my writing skills. Journalism is such a great class to be in. It exposes students to new and different things. Journalism will get you out your comfort zone in a good way. I would recommend students to take this class because it’s very fun.
By Maricela Castro Cortez | Bullock County High School 
What was my favorite part of this semester? I will have to say it was homecoming week! All the activities, such as playing soccer and hanging with my friends, were a time I actually enjoyed this semester.  They gave me a break from all the school work. The food was good and so was the music. The student's positivity and school spirit had spread all over. There was so much support given to the football players and our school won games. The football players seemed to have given it their all and at the end, it was all worth it.
Other than that, this semester has gone by pretty quick. This semester has been a chill, challenging one. It has been tough at times but smooth going on others. There were times when school has been tough but I always try my best. I try to keep my grades high and close to where I want them. Thanks to my parents and older brother, I am confident in myself. They motivate me to try my best in all I do. They believe that I can succeed, even when I don’t. My mom would encourage me to give it a try and if it does not work out, to give it another one. My brother will do the same. He makes me want to do well. With the support of my family, I feel like I can accomplish it all.
All the effort I put is worth it in the end. No matter how stressing or challenging it is. I will get it done. Also, the school college tour trips were also really helpful. I have not decided where I want to continue school. Thanks to the tours I'm kind of getting an idea. Well, there's not much to this semester but the challenges I've faced and the efforts I put.