We had another incredible Black Belt Friday on October 5th! We loaded up the bus and headed to Pickens and Greene County for our second Black Belt Friday trip of the year. This trip was a two-for-one, as we were able to take our incredible group of volunteers to visit both Aliceville High School and Greene County High School.

We started the morning at Aliceville High School (AHS) where the students put on a great program for us. The mayor of Aliceville, Marva D. Gipson, stopped by and offered our students an encouraging speech, going over a brief history of Aliceville and challenging our students to follow their dreams. Then, a number of the students performed, bringing smiles to every face in the room as we heard students read poetry, sing, and even dance! Our students had a chance to hear from our Let Us Make Man partners, Dr. Gerry White and his daughter Imani White. After the program, we split the students into groups with our volunteers where they did grade reflection and goal setting activities. Before we left AHS, our group was treated to a delicious snack prepared by our incredible staff and partners. We left for Greene County High encouraged and excited to connect with more students.

At Greene County High School (GCHS), we were greeted by a number of the GUA students before enjoying an incredible lunch prepared by our friends and partners at the school. We then were led to the gym for an assembly. During this time, we heard from GCHS students, the students heard from our LUMM volunteers, and other partners from Greene County. They also had the chance to hear from the special guest of the day, Dr. Charles Nash, the Vice Chancellor of the Alabama University System. Dr. Nash joined us all day and was able to offer encouragement to both our students and our volunteers! We’re so thankful he was a part of this Black Belt Friday. To end our time at GCHS, we spent time doing grade reflection and goal setting with our students, hoping to leave them feeling just as empowered as we know they are!

We have loved both of our Black Belt Friday trips this year and we can’t wait for the next one! On November 30, we’re headed to Tuskegee for our last trip of the semester. Interested in joining us? Click here to register!