GEAR UP Alabama students, this one is for you!

It’s summer, which means for most students it’s time to relax and forget about the stress that school often brings. But, for GEAR UP Alabama students, we’re in the middle of summer camps and not slowing down our college prep for any season!

While you’re in between summer camps or trying to stay cool in this crazy heat, here are some ways you can both entertain yourself AND make progress in getting yourself ready for college. I mean, there’s nothing like some good YouTube videos to pass the time quickly, right?

Ted Talks

Re-Thinking College: Alex Macmillen // Alex MacMillen dicusses how he learned to make his college experience what he needed rather than what was expected. 

Community College to Harvard: Rethinking College Admissions // Hear the story of a student who chose to go to community college and later ended up with multiple degrees from multiple Ivy League schools.

The Secret to Student Success // What's the thing that can be a game change for you in your studies?

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance // Ever think about how you'll find the motivation to finish high school? Or get to college? This video is for you!


SupertutorTV // On this channel, Brooke Hudson walks through all kinds things that can help you get ready for college. From test prep to simple life tips, this is a great channel to explore as you’re getting ready for college. (Because, in my opinion and with my free time, it’s much easier to watch test prep videos than sit down with a test prep book.)

Best ACT Prep // This channel offers a lot of short, helpful videos with different ACT strategies.

A Clockwork Reader // Do you like to read? Hannah’s channel is aaaall about books and what she’s loved. I think the best way to find new books to read is via recommendations, but I also find that it’s hard to find people that read as much as I do, so I’ve really loved finding accounts like Hannah’s.


Why Not Us? // This documentary follows four first generation college students as they go on a roadtrip across the country. On their roadtrip, they meet a variety of successful adults, mostly who were also first generation college students, and hear their stories. This documentary is about an hour long, but it’ll leave you feeling inspired and excited for what’s ahead.

First Generation // This is another documentary that, as you could assumed, is centered around first generation college students. In this documentary, the stories of multiple students are followed as they prepare for college. It shows the obstacles that first generation students often face, but also what can happen when you set your mind to something. You’ll be both frustrated and inspired by their stories and, in the end, see the ways in your life that GEAR UP Alabama makes your story different from these students’.
A Walk in My Shoes: First Generation College Students // This documentary also follows first generation students, specifically ones who attended Kansas State. Though you may not be interested in Kansas State, I can guarantee you'll be interested in hearing the stories of these students. There's nothing more inspiring than hearing from people who have been where you are now. 

Extras Just for Fun

Michelle Obama Hosts the “Beating the Odds” Summit // This is a video recorded from a summit Michelle Obama hosted at the White House in 2015. It’s a panelled conversation on different aspects and tools as you prepare for college.
Step Up to College: Preparing for College // A lot of great advice as you get ready for college!