As much as we loved mini-camp, it means nothing if it doesn't benefit the students, too! We were so encouraged by these essays from our GUA students, written when asked what they learned while at mini-camp.

Reading about mini-camp through their eyes was such a treat for all of us in the GUA office and we hope it will be for you, too! These essays were selected because they give a variety of perspectives on the mini-camp experience.

Travion Johns, Selma High School

UAB was a fantastic experience. Being that it is my top choice or one of my top choices for schools to go to, I found it a great opportunity to be there. Teachers like Dr. Larry Tyson and our tour guide Ashton provided me with more than enough hospitality. I think this was by far one of the best experiences in my life and I can’t wait to visit again. Thanks UAB and thanks GEAR UP Alabama! Go Blazers!!

Tamera Bell

I learned that it’s okay to go to a community college before transfering to a university. Also, there are many different health care fiels to go into and I’ve been inspired to look into those different fields. I’ve also learned that there are internships on campus, meaning there are a lot of opporunities to get hands-on experience in your major. Before I came to mini-camp, UAB was a college choice, and now I’ve decided that I definitely want to come back for a campus visit because I really enjoyed being here.

Brittany Porter

I’m not a math person, but being at UAB had me questioning myself. I was put in an engineering class. I was upset at first until the stuff that they were teaching caught my interest. It was a challenge that I was grateful for. The volunteers were great. The professors were nice and encouraging.

Jane Martin, Hale County High School

I learned that diversity is important in community and that getting involved in college as possible is important. I was encouraged to also follow my dreams, even through struggles. Dr. Wolfe was amazing to meet and get to know; thank you for showing me how important diversity is. I hope to come to UAB for school in the future.

Kaliyah Williams

I learned that you can major in one field and minor in another field. I also learned that while you are attending UAB, you can work here. There are many fields of whatever you want to do with your life that can help you in other areas of that work. I learned that it is also okay to change your major, because it may be something that is not for you. Therefore, I learned that UAB gives you a great amount of educational opporunities.

Maya Constrol, Greensboro High School

I’ve learned numberous things, such as: diversity, justice being a solution to world problems (long term), charity being a soluation to world problems (short term), how stereotypes affect us, and a lot about the college experience. I was given the opportunity to learn that college is not easy, but having connections and personal realtionships with staff is important. I’ve had a great experience. Thank you to all the leaders and volunteers who made this possible. UAB is great!

Kelsi B, Half County High School

I have learned a lot being here at UAB. I just want to thank whoever made GEAR UP Alabama because without them I wouldn’t have this opportunity.

Aliyah G

I learned about how to make decisions based on the environment. The class I took has influenced some of the decisions I’m going to make once out of high school. Thanks to everyone who helped us come to UAB for this great experience!

Christian Hill

While I was here I learned about the everyday college life. I learned the process of going to class and eating in the commons with my friends. I learned about nursing and the things they do and use. I learned a lot here at UAB.

Like I said, these are just a few of the hundreds of essays we received from students during mini-camp. We are so happy that the students loved their classes and their UAB experience. The goal of mini-camp was to simulate the UAB experience for our GUA students and these essays prove one thing: mission accomplished!

We hope that, through mini-camp, we gained a few future UAB Blazers!