Earlier this month, the 9th grade cohort from Pike County High School spent the day with College Admission Made Possible (CAMP) and were able to spend the day learning together. One of the activities led by the CAMP staff was to offer advice to the upcoming freshman.

This is what some of the PCHS cohort had to say:

"Don't hang with the wrong crowd, they will probably bring you down. Stay with the crowd who will keep you out of trouble."  -Lacey

"Freshmen, don't procrastinate, the longer you wait, the worst things become."  -Tamorris

"Focus on your grades and not impressing others. Friends come and go, but your grades will always follow you."  -Aliah

"Live life like a clock, keep moving forward, not backwards."  -Avery

"You miss more shots when you don't take them."  -Anthony


The PCHS students would like to offer their thanks to Ms. Erica Fields for leading the activities and the best of luck to the rising 9th graders! 

Story Submitted By: Palma Strunger