On April 25th, the University of Alabama hosted its yearly GEAR UP Alabama Day, welcoming students from Aliceville High School to their campus. The students spent the day on campus hearing from different UA faculty, staff, and student mentors. These sessions included topics like “What’s College REALLY Like?”, “Advocating for Yourself”, an admissions orientation, and “College Close-Up”. They were given a tour of the campus, plus the chance to eat at the Fresh Food Company, a place the students love every year. This day is designed to give GUA students the chance to learn about UA and get them excited for their own college experience.

One way the students were encouraged was in hearing from an Aliceville High School graduate, Dr. Victoria Javine, who works as a faculty member in the Culverhouse College of Commerce. After she graduated from Aliceville High School, she went on to get her doctorate at the University of Tennessee; her story served as proof that graduates from Aliceville truly can achieve their dreams.

We are so thankful for our university partners and they way they encourage our students. Thank you to everyone at UA who made this GEAR UP Alabama day a success!