Angel Higuera and Aaron Penn are the Discover Scholars from Barbour County High School. The DISCOVER program is used to educate students on how to navigate their high school yeasrs in order to be better prepared for college. These Barbour County High School scholars wrote essays reflecting on their experience at this semester's Discover day. 

I am very happy to be chosen for the Discovery Program. I learned a lot from Montevallo and I hope to attend there one day. I learned different skills for the ACT. For example, I learned how to approach problems on the ACT that I don’t understand and how to stay calm while taking the exam. I was taught that, when I don’t understand the question, to observe the question and answer, to cross out the answers that don’t make sense or don’t relate to the topic. I really enjoyed being at Montevallo for the Discovery Program and I hope to go again.
By Angel Higuera

I had a very good time at the University of Montevallo. We ate some snacks at the beginning and then class started. We talked about ACT and college preparation. Then we looked at some ACT problems and how to be faster while taking it. We recevied some ACT practice booklets. Then we went to eat lunch; it was good. When we went back to the class, we talked about exercise and then played a game. Then we left. I think Montevallo is a good school and I enjoyed my time there.
By Aaron Penn