The following essays were written by GEAR UP Alabama students from Barbour County High School in response to their participation in the "National Walk Out" on March 14th. The views and opinions expressed in these essays belong to the students and do not represent those of GEAR UP Alabama. The students' names have been removed for confidentiality. 

We are glad that our students are thinking critically about national issues and encourage them, no matter their opinion, to engage in these conversations. 

On March 14th, our school participated in the “National Walk Out”. The walk out was for the seventeen people who were killed in Florida. We walked seventeen minutes, one minute per person who had died. Schools all over the world participated in the march around 10am.

I participated in this march because it felt like a really good cause to show that we were willing to do the National Walk Out to stop school gun violence. It made me feel proud to be able to give a little of my time just to honor the people around my age who died. I don’t really know much about current gun laws now, but from what’s happening in the world with all these illegal gun carrying underage people, the laws should become more strict for certain standards.

On March 14th, my school Barbour County High School, participated in the “National Walk Out”. The purpose of the walk out was to call for stricter gun laws.

I felt great participating in the activity because it made me feel good about myself. I participated because I had the chance to honor the lives that were taken from the school shootings in Parkland, FL and Birmingham, AL. I feel that we should have stricter gun laws, but also smarter gun laws.

On March 14th our school participated in the “National Walk Out”. I felt that the walk-out was for a good cause until I found another meaning for the walk out. I participated in the walk out because I was taking a few minutes to mourn the lives that were lost in the Florida high school massacre. I honestly do not know much about gun laws, but this situation made me want to learn more.

I felt that the walk out would be for a good cause to get an understanding of gun control in America. At the time, I was informed that it was a walkout issued to the remembrance of the seventeen kids shot in Parkland, Florida. I felt empowered to stand among others to take the time to walk out and do something civic in honoring the deceased. In my perspective, I think gun the gun laws that we have now should be much stricter in who can purchase a firearm and check background information.

On March 14th, our school participated in the “National Walk Out”. I participated in honor of the death of the students and the families of the students who were killed. I didn’t participate in support of stricter gun laws, but to show respect to the students. I think that the new gun laws are unnecessary because guns are needed for important things.


On March 14th, our school participated in the “National Walk Out”. In regard to this, I felt a lot of emotions. I felt mostly sadness for the families of the seventeen that passed away, the students and teachers who had to witness the shooting, and the family of the shooter. Valentine’s Day will forever be a horrible day for those who witnesses it all. I think gun laws should stay the same. Prohibited off of school properties, unless carried by a security guard or policeman, because a shooter can be anyone!