Renee Goss, Site Facilitator for Greenville High School, had an encouraging conversation with a GEAR UP Alabama parent this month that is proof that #GEARUPWorks.

Mrs. Cheryl Calvin is the mother of two GEAR UP Alabama students, Brysen (9th grade) and Romen (10th grade) as well as two sons outside of the GUA cohorts. Mrs. Calvin explained to Mrs. Goss that GEAR UP Alabama is the reason she has chosen to keep her family in Greenville, far away from other family members, since GUA is providing such outstanding resources for her sons. Mrs. Calvin said, “I’ll never leave as long as the GEAR UP Alabama program is available. I’m so thankful for the benefits my sons are receiving through it.”

All of us in the GUA office were so encouraged by Mrs. Calvin’s comments. With 10,808 students, it’s easy for stories like this to get lost, but we want to hear all of them! Have you had an encouraging conversation with a GUA parent? Are you a GUA parent with stories of how the program is impacting your kids’ lives? Share it with us! Email

Story submitted by Renee Goss