In this Resource section, Educators in any GEAR UP Alabama (GUA) school can find links to professional development opportunities, as well as helpful tools, tips, templates, tool kits, and more to help plan creative, yet rigorous activities and lessons centered on the five GUA objectives:
  1. Increase the academic performance and preparation for postsecondary education for GEAR UP students.
  2. Increase the rate of high school graduation and enrollment in postsecondary education for GEAR UP students.
  3. Increase GEAR UP students' and families' knowledge of postsecondary education options, preparation and financing.
  4. Increase percentage of GEAR UP students who enroll in and succeed in postsecondary education.
  5. Increase the preparation of the project teachers and staff to teach and serve GEAR UP students.

Educators can also find the forms necessary to document GEAR UP Alabama activities, in-kind donations, team meetings, as well as student and parent conferences among others.

Explore the resources in this section:

Two students hug a teacher tightly