Three boys in a hallway and two girls helping with healthcare simulation
Students at Banks School are “geared up” and “revved” up for their careers and the excitement was contagious Tuesday as they explored the many job possibilities available to them.

Banks School received a Gear Up Grant, which is designed to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education and in the workplace.

LaToya Gay, Banks Gear Up team leader, said seventh- and eighth-grade students researched career opportunities in a field of their choice and then presented their findings to the students in the lower grades at the Gear Up Career Fair.

The presenting students gave oral presentations and enhanced the presentations with visual aids.

“The younger students attended the presentations of the careers that interested them,” Gay said. “The career choices were designed in Zone Clusters including medical, performing arts and military. A lot of students were interested in those careers, as well as political office, law enforcement and sports related fields.

Gay said the Gear Up program is important because it encourages students to being think about career opportunities at an early age.

“When I was their ages, I never thought about career opportunities because nobody ever asked me,” she said. “Gear up exposes students to a wide range of career opportunities and encourages and motivates them to think about different careers and what the requirements are for those careers.

Madison Walker is planning to be a lawyer because she is aware that many families have issues and she wants to help them.

“I want to help in my community and I also want to have a professional career and make my family proud of me,” Madison said.

Caleb Hegler has his eyes set on a career in politics, a place were he “can make a difference.”

Several students plan to enter the Medical Zone. Dakilyia Carlisle participated in an earlier Gear Up activity this year and found what she wants to do in the workplace.

“I job shadowed in the medical field and I really liked it,” she said. “That’s what would like to do.”

Cousins Destiny Price and Anna Price also would like to go into some area of the medical field. Anna plans to be a neurosurgeon and Destiny is still considering her options. Both said they are willing to spend long years in pursuit of their dreams.

“My parents said I have musical talent,” said Tate Stewart. “I like music and I like being on stage so I’m looking at being a musician.”

And, if he can get a job doing what he likes, Weston Brown will turn his love of the great outdoors into a job he loves.

“I like hunting and fishing and being a game warden would be the best job for me,” he said.

Chad Mansann, Ethan Singleton and David Powell plan to play all during their careers – on the baseball and football fields and on the court. Coaching is the future for all the young atletes.

Gay said the Gear Up Career Fair was a learning experience for the presenters and those who came for their presentations.

“It was a successful event for all the students,” she said. “We will look forward to another event that will focus on the college and careers.”

Source: Troy Messenger