Students with Disabilities
  The Student Disability Services office’s philosophy promotes self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy by   providing education   to students with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities so they can make informed choices   in order to meet or exceed the   standards of all students at UAB.

  Students needing to access their services will need to contact their office at

  Student Conduct

  The Student Conduct Code promotes honesty, integrity, accountability, rights and responsibilities expected of students   consisted with the core missions of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This Code describes the standards or   behavior for all students, and outlines student’s rights, responsibilities, and the campus processes for adjudicating alleged   violations.

  Currently dual/concurrent enrollment students are advised to communicate with   their local school counselor regarding   their course   selections. This will ensure students are staying on track with their graduation requirements. UAB does not   provide or assist students with   course selections.

  FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. It is a federal law governing the privacy and   handling of educational records and giving specific rights to students. You can read more about FERPA online at the Family   Policy Compliance Office webiste:

  FERPA covers students who are currently enrolled, or who were formerly enrolled, regardless of their age or status with   regard to parental dependency.

  For additional information regarding this policy please visit

  Dual/concurrent students are required to complete online orientation (beginning Spring 2019). This orientation course   will give students an opportunity to learn a great deal of information about UAB and services that are offered. It also gives   students a great resource they can   refer back to if they have questions while taking classes. Once students have been   admitted they will receive an email with instructions on completing the course. They need to earn 80% on the quiz in order   to successfully complete the orientation requirement. Students will not be allowed to register for courses until they have   successfully completed the orientation.

  Students will have access to the course during the time they are actively enrolled.

  Enrollment Limits
  Students are allowed to take no more than one course per semester. They are not allowed to enroll in any mini terms   during any semester they are enrolled.

  Academic Schedule and Calendar
  View UAB’s academic schedule and calendar at

  Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policy
  There are oftentimes reasons beyond a student’s control that they may need to drop a course. It is the student’s   responsibility to check the academic calendar each semester they are enrolled to be knowledgeable of the drop date for   that semester. It is also the student’s responsibility to inform their high school counselor if they decide to drop a course   and submit a copy of the withdrawal documentation to their school administration.

  Student Transcripts

  Students can request an official or unofficial copy of their transcript online. The transcript will list the classes that have   been taken. Instructions can be found on our website here.

  Registration Process

  Students should discuss class options with their school counselors to ensure they are staying on track with graduation   requirements. GEAR UP Alabama UAB Start students are not permitted to register on their own. Follow instructions on   this website for registration.